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At Marsatta, gourmet chocolate is our passion. We strive to develop new chocolate delights with extraordinary gourmet chocolate flavors to share with you. That is why we search the world for the highest quality cocoa beans and finest gourmet chocolate ingredients to make our gourmet chocolates and truffles. Every effort has been made to ensure that you'll find our chocolate delicacies to be fresh, flavorful, and always a little bit interesting!

However, there is more than just the chocolate, as we insist on the best ingredients before we start.

We import very little of our gourmet chocolate, but more importantly we make selected batches of our own. With our selected cocoa beans the end result is reputed to be the best chocolate in the world! Only the best will do for us, and you should expect nothing less. We also import candied fruits from Australia because we feel it is important to select the best complements for the best chocolate.

We don?t have to travel far to find some nuts ? nut products that is! The best Almonds can be found right here in our own backyard, California!

For some of our gourmet chocolate ingredients, it is a far way to go to bring it all together, but you don?t want compromise when you look forward to the taste of pure gourmet chocolate melting in your mouth.

Once the ingredients reach our facility, it?s time for us to work our magic. Weather it is selecting the right cocoa beans for roasting or simply melting chocolate, especially with the purest varieties, attention to detail is of prime importance! The chocolate must be melted and worked at an exact temperature. If your attention waivers for only a moment, the chocolate will overheat and the whole batch will be ruined and must be discarded. It must be cooled very carefully, as well, or the gourmet chocolate will melt quickly in the hand or develop a greasy, white stain. It?s an exacting job that requires care, but we enjoy it, and that goes into each gourmet chocolate we make.

The organic chocolate recipes that bring the ingredients together are also something special. Farmer?s Markets are a must stop for some of the ingredients used in Marsatta chocolates. Jeffray D. Gardner, one of Marsatta?s master chefs, moved to sunny California from the great white north of Canada. During his youth he also lived in France and Germany and growing up had the opportunity to taste many great chocolates and pastries! Gardner started making gourmet chocolate quite by accident but soon proved a natural even managing to get a sugar-free line into Wal-Mart with his first chocolate company and then many other health food stores to follow.

Since Marsatta?s opening, they have attracted the attention of a growing number of customers including a number of corporate gourmet chocolate clients garnered through Gardner?s marketing efforts. Delta Airlines, Nordstrom?s and a number of hotels call Marsatta an artisanal favorite. Having a liking for acting and the arts, soon enough Marsatta Fancy gourmet chocolate were being sampled at film premieres and regularly on movie sets. You can shop-by-phone or order off of the website, it?s that easy. Look for Marsatta gourmet chocolate products at fine gourmet retailers too.

Gardner adds ?We import some key ingredients, then the coco beans from other parts of the world, the recipes from trusted handed down favorites, then it?s my job to get them to your tongue.? Gourmet chocolate at its best!

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