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Marsatta Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory located in Torrance, California. 


Our mission is to provide our friends, neighbors, and fellow chocolate connoisseurs the most delicious chocolate they've ever tasted by making a commitment to only use high quality and sustainable products and methods. Although this strategy might cost us more money, we know that our customers deserve the best! Our team and our state of the art chocolate equipment guarantee this level of product and service. We partner up with other local business like breweries, coffee shops, and creameries to create one of a kind chocolate that can transport people to get a taste of Southbay.


Our vision is to share our excitement for delicious, healthy chocolate and our passion for our craft to our community and hopefully to the entire world! 


We hope you will stop in one day so we can personally share our passions with you!

Sincerely yours in amazing chocolate,

Jeffray D. Gardner
Master Chocolate Maker
Marsatta Chocolate





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