Heading to Japan

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


So our new customer is heading to Japan in just around 3 hours time. She is accompanied by a couple of her friends  who are also flying with her. They sampled some of our chocolates and were so excited about purchasing a large box of our delectable chocolates for their loved ones. They didn't have too much time,

so I quickly helped them with their chocolate selections. Her purchase was rung up, we said our goodbyes and soon they were out the door on their way to the airport.

It was getting closer to closing time and so I checked our daily sales. Today was a busy day. For some reason I turned my head and noticed our new customers credit card was still resting inside the Square credit card reader. Agh! In my head I yelled "Oh my God!" I then grabbed the card and with breakneck speed ran around the counter, out the door, urgently looking for any type of vehicle that resembled something heading towards the airport. There were a few cars leaving and one in particular was ready to make a turn and head to the airport. I yelled "Hey!" and hoped that it was the people I was looking for. I sprinted faster than I have run in a few years with credit card in hand and finally catching up to the car. I smiled and said "I forgot to give you this." She then said "Oh my God!" and then relief, I think from the both of us. My heart was beating out of my chest! I was exhausted but happy that our new customer had not only her chocolates but her credit card as well!

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