We’re honored that some of the best cafés, bakeries, restaurants and retail stores in the world sell Marsatta Chocolate.


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Marsatta Chocolate is about one simple thing: crafting the best possible chocolate. The best chocolate is fresh. The best chocolate is conched and tempered perfectly. The best chocolate elevates an experience, whether it arrives at the end of an eight-course meal or at the beginning of writing that term paper. When you form a relationship with Marsatta, you will provide that moment.


At Marsatta Chocolate we believe in crafting exceptional bean-to-bar chocolate and serving the people who help make

it happen: our farmers, our employees, our fans and you—one of our awesome retail partners. Providing outstanding customer service and support to our loyal vendors is what we take pride in.


We choose not to work with distributors domestically, because it’s important to us to work with you directly. We want to get to know your business, your customers, your team members, and your needs and make a plan for how we can best assist you in sharing our chocolate and our story with your customers.


We’re a family business, with a small but dedicated team of people passionate about authentic chocolate, top-notch customer support, and ongoing education.


Want to become a part of our small but rapidly growing family of world-class Marsatta Chocolate vendors across the globe? Ready to start the conversation? Please fill out and submit one of the application forms below and one of our Account Managers will contact you within 48 hours.


Contact our account manager, info@marsatta.com  or 
(310) 318-0489 for questions or orders.



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